Gamble-Ideas Terms of use

Hello and welcome to the Gamble-Ideas website. The following are the Terms & Conditions. They are effective as soon as you access the site, and you consent to them by using the service.

    1. Restrictions

You are not permitted to:

      • Make abusive, discriminatory, damaging, or vulgar use of the site.
      • Crawl, scrape, or utilize bots or other apps or scripts to disrupt site activity.
      • Charge for spam material and promote other products.
      • Use or rebroadcast site details in an offensive manner.
      • Notice of infringement of copyright, trademark, or other property rights found on the website.
      • Participate in activities that may have an impact on the experiences of other customers.
    1. Intellectual Property Rights
      • Gamble-Ideas owns everything on the site. They are protected by copyright laws in the United Kingdom.
      • The copyright notices cannot be removed or altered.
    2. Liability Restrictions

The firm will not be held liable for any lost information, profits, or other harm caused by the reviewed gaming services. The corporation is also not liable for any damages suffered as a result of using the site.

  1. External Resources
    • External connections can be found on the Gamble-Ideas website. Users, on the other hand, have the option of accessing other websites or not. The connected sites have their own set of rules, which you can obey or disregard.
    • The Gamble-Ideas website is not liable for any damages or losses incurred as a result of utilizing other websites.
  2. Disclaimer
    • The website makes every effort to remain functioning. There is no assurance, however, that there will be no failures or disruptions. Activities such as installing updates, maintenance, or system faults might interrupt users. The site is not liable for any damages caused by such failures.
  3. Reviews
    • The Gamble-Ideas reviewers will share their thoughts.
    • Gambling services do not pay its reviewers. They will also not post negative reviews in order to harm a brand’s reputation. Their mission is to provide an unbiased picture of a firm.
    • The website has the right to change the reviews at any time.
  4. Jurisdiction and Law
    • The terms and conditions of Gamble-Ideas are governed by UK law.